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First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kateřina Říhová and I am 38. Since completing my studies, I have been spent almost all of my time working with people, and as I gain years and experience, I try to "work" more intensely with children. In fact, for me personally child-oriented activities such as taking up their free time, sharing their duties or taking personal care of them do not mean "work" for me but activities I enjoy the most and which fill me with satisfaction.

As my experience has grown, I have decided to address my friends and partners and to open myself up to the possibility of offering both my and their baby-sitting services to you.

Range of services

We provide both one-time baby-sitting and baby-sitting on a regular basis; our baby-sitting services are comprised of accompanying children to school, to kindergarten or to hobby groups. We are ready to watch over the child during the day and at night as well, including weekends and holidays. If you prefer a child minder working full-time for you and paid by you, we will work to find a child minder for you, strictly to your specifications – all individual agreements will be set in the contract of the agency.

For your child we are able to provide individual care connected with activities the child is interested in or activities that are important for them. At present, we do not provide baby-sitting, including complementary services, for children that have not reached the age of three.

We are able to work with children on extending their interests individually. We can provide individual lessons at playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages (minor ones as well as major ones), or we can provide general tutoring classes (in the range of primary school) during the time we are looking after your child.

Are you planning a wedding? And do your friends have children they´d like to bring with them? We arrange and realise child care at weddings, corporate events and various celebrations. We will come to the site of the planned event and prepare a children´s corner there - an area where children will feel at home. They´ll find all they need there: toys, space for resting and play, books and magazines, party games, but primarily baby-sitters ready to play with the children and prepare an interesting programme for them, one to be remembered for a long time. Please, don´t hesitate and contact us for a free offer and calculation!

Where the child is looked after

When we offer you an individual baby-sitting, then we prefer baby-sitting directly in their home, i.e. where the children feel best and safe.

If you are interested, we can look after the child/children at a children's corner, at a mothers' centre, at a hotel, at a company nursery school or at any other place, depending on the whatever occasion for which you wish to make use of our services. We are highly flexible and we are ready to cooperate in choosing the specific place.


We are insured with Česká pojišťovna as a contingency against actual bodily harm to the child or damage to the household.

Ordering baby-sitting

You can arrange the service of baby-sitting or children´s corner over the telephone or via e-mail. If you send us your phone number, we will contact you in return and discuss other details which are important for the follow-up choice of the minder and for individual choices of services which are right for you and your child.


All child-minders we cooperate with have rich experience in taking care of children. We are particular in having them trained thoroughly in giving first aid, the field of hygiene and work safety. They do not always necessarily have to be persons of pedagogical education; it is more important for us that the person has previous experience of the child minder, verified references and especially the natural ability to enter into friendly relations with the child.

Our priority is a happy and contented child as well as the joyful and comfortable development of the children during the time they are consigned to us. Contact us, we will be pleased to present our current offer to you and we will convince you about our approach in person!


Would you like to work with us? Contact us by sending an e-mail to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript., we will schedule a personal appointment and gladly discuss possible cooperation to you.

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